Restoration Practitioner Jennifer Pernfuss and
Workplace Investigation lawyer Jennifer Wootton.

Our Approach

The Optimal Resolution Method is a uniquely powerful approach to resolving workplace harassment disputes. It encourages:

  • An early resolution

  • Legal compliance

  • The protection of working relationships

  • The well-being of all those involved in a complaint

A Complete Method

We have 52 years of collective experience in resolving harassment complaints. We've seen what's worked and what hasn't, and we've collected feedback from thousands of employees involved in complaints processes.

Our approach is unique and holistic, a method made for managers just like you. If you're an industry leader who wants to learn a complaints approach that leads to successful, legally sound resolutions, this method is for you.

What You'll Learn

Step by Step

  • Management

    This step-by-step program teaches managers exactly what to do when employees make harassment complaints. We'll teach you how to address complaints promptly and effectively. When managers are skilled at addressing issues with respect for the law and all parties involved, resolution becomes attainable. Using our method results in less impact on employees' well-being, stronger working relationships and greater productivity in the workplace.

  • Investigations

    This program also trains internal investigators, including Human Resources professionals and business owners, on how to conduct first-rate harassment investigations. Our method assures the process is legally sound and arrives at the right conclusion. We provide internal complaint investigators with a detailed, step-by-step process, along with all the support resources they need to be successful.

  • Resolutions

    Not only do we help managers and investigators reach strong, fair resolutions, we also teach participants how to repair working relationships after a complaint investigation is completed. Restoration of workplace relationships is a part of the process most often overlooked. This program provides proven methods that have a long-lasting positive impact on workplace culture.


"A brilliant piece of work"

Chris Albertyn, Ontario Arbitrator and Mediator

The program is comprehensive, thoughtful and legally sound. The course is filled with important advice and insights. It is plainly the result of years of work in the field, with the distilled wisdom gained from many investigations. It is a brilliant piece of work and those who complete the program can feel confident that they will then be able to conduct a harassment investigation that is fair to all and meets the highest standards to be expected.

"A truly great investment"

Dave Chilton, author of “The Wealthy Barber” and former Dragon on “Dragons’ Den”

This is the best course of any type that I have ever been exposed to. I don’t say that because of its incredible production values. Nor because of its uniquely powerful ideas and approaches. Nor because of its incredible attention to detail that shows not only exactly what needs to be done, but also precisely how to do it. I say it because of the results it’s generating. Every single company should be using ‘Optimal Resolution Method’ as its guide to dealing with harassment issues in the workplace. A truly great investment.

"This Method is a significant difference maker in a climate of increased complaints"

Susi McCord, Banking & Financial Services Executive

Optimal Resolution Method is so GREAT! Looking at a complaint as an opportunity gave me a helpful new perspective that is sure to translate into better managed complaints and improved workplace relationships. This Method also tackles the legal implications and obligations in a straightforward and clear manner and will build confidence in those charged with the responsibility of addressing, investigating and resolving complaints. This should be mandatory for every manager and human resources professional. Its bite-sized chunks of information are manageable and digestible. This Method is a significant difference maker in a climate of increased complaints.

"A premier product that no HR department should be without!"

Julie Mitchell, a CHRO who has held leadership roles at organizations including the Ontario Energy Board, Plexxus and Ontario Power Generation.

As a seasoned HR executive I understand the value of best in class workplace investigations for all participants. The Optimal Resolution Method is your fail-safe guide to ensuring a fair outcome to your investigation that also speaks to recommendations on approaches to the critical aftercare of impacted employees in your organization. Congrats to the team at Jen Agency for developing a premier product that no HR department should be without!

"Best training course available of its kind"

Peigi Ross, Dunsmore Law P.C.

As a labour and employer lawyer I know first hand the pressure on employers to quickly respond to workplace complaints by undertaking effective investigations and resolutions. The Optimal Resolution™ Method provides managers with practical and successful investigation approaches, tips and solutions. The fact that the Optimal Resolution™ Method is designed within the applicable statutory and legal framework will help organizations reach satisfactory employee relations outcomes and aid in the reduction of legal liability. The combined talent and expertise of Jennifer Wootton and Jennifer Pernfuss makes this the best training course available of its kind. And a training program that all employers should implement.

"Excellent learning tool for both HR professionals and workplace investigators"

VP, Human Resources, Pharmaceutical Company

The Optimal Resolution Process is an excellent learning tool for both HR professionals and workplace investigators. The webinars are clear, relevant and meaningful and by presenting them in short “sound bites” they can be viewed as one-offs to support individual learning or as a complete series to support the ongoing development of investigators. We will be incorporating some of the videos in our employment law training for leaders, and we will be viewing the whole series with our HR Partners to support them in their role as investigators. We are already using the resources like the ‘reliability and credibility assessment tool’ to assist with better report writing.

To discuss how the Optimal Resolution Method will work in your organization, please contact us.

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Sample Videos

Module 1: Foundation

Spectrum of Conduct

Module 2: Complaint Management

What Is Our Ultimate Goal?

Module 2: Complaint Management

Creating Safety

Module 3: Investigation


Module 3: Investigation

Step 3—Planning: Why Interview Notes Matter

Module 3: Investigation

Step 4—Interviewing: Observation Challenge Part 1

Why Invest In Our Approach?

You can't afford not to.

One external investigation, court, tribunal or arbitration hearing averted more than covers your financial investment in our Method.

You are legally obligated to provide a harassment free work environment. More employees are coming forward with complaints than ever before. Managers every where are saying they don’t know how to respond effectively to complaints. External investigations typically cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Costs of workplace harassment also include:

  • harmed working relationships
  • decreased productivity
  • lowered morale
  • lost talent 
  • damaged reputation

Offering this to members of your organization is an opportunity to reinforce the company’s commitment to a harassment free workplace, provide the necessary skills to meet legal obligations and to support employees by ensuring you have skilled complaint managers and investigators.  You will also receive Learner Progress Reports demonstrating your due diligence to effectively equip your team to meet legislative requirements.

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Get the tools and insight you need to support your employees and equip your company to effectively handle workplace harassment complaints.

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Onboarding Made Easy

Once you’ve purchased the Optimal Resolution™ Method, we will contact you directly to assist you with rolling out the program in your organization.  Our commitment is to make this easy and seamless.

We will provide you with a step-by-step Onboarding Guide and personalized administrative support to get you up and running.

The Method is self-serve for each employee learner.  Each one will have their own learner dashboard when they log in.

Content Creators and Instructors

  • Jennifer Wootton

    Jennifer Wootton

    Jennifer Wootton has more than 27 years of experience in the field of workplace human rights. Her law practice focuses on the proactive and compassionate resolution of internal workplace complaints. She specializes in investigations, assessments, training and policy development. Jennifer is a pioneer in conducting workplace investigations and since 2000 has investigated thousands of workplace harassment, bullying and violence allegations of every level of complexity. She is regularly retained by public, private and not-for-profit Canadian employers and has extensive experience in both unionized and non-unionized workplaces. Employers of all sizes also call on Jennifer to advise them on how to conduct their internal investigations. Her approach is grounded in her strong knowledge of the law, coupled with a true dedication to the principles of fairness, neutrality, respect and transparency. Jennifer drafts, reviews and works with workplace leaders to prepare and implement workplace harassment and violence policies, receiving accolades on her positive and thorough approach. She consistently receives excellent ratings in the respectful workplace, harassment awareness, and conducting investigation training that she leads. Jennifer earned her Bachelor of Commerce from Queen’s University in 1989 and was also awarded the Industrial Relations Prize. She earned her law degree from Western University in 1992 and was called to the Ontario bar in 1994. After practicing with a Toronto employment law firm for several years, she started her own investigation law practice. She is allied with other established investigators under the Workplace Resolutions banner. A strong believer in life-long learning, she is currently a part-time student in the Masters of Pastoral Studies program at the University of Toronto. She is the co-author of An Educator’s Guide to Human Rights, published in 2009.
  • Jennifer Pernfuss

    Jennifer Pernfuss

    Jennifer Pernfuss is the principal and founder of RESPECT: Conciliation & Education, a business dedicated to helping workplaces and employees deal with internal complaints and relationship issues, with the goal of lasting positive results for all involved. A highly sought-after mediator, facilitator, relationship systems coach, trainer and consultant, businesses large and small, across Canada and abroad have retained her to help with their most challenging workplace conflicts. She has a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Windsor and a B.A. in psychology from the University of Waterloo. Since being called to the bar in 1994, she has focused her career on restoration and on preventing workplace discrimination, harassment and conflict. Jennifer is renowned in the field of restoration and brings a systems-inspired approach to her work pre and post-investigation. She has also developed an incomparable Sensitivity Awareness Program, that focuses on post-complaint restoration approaches. Her work with over 500 respondents informs her ability to move individuals and teams toward better work relationships and greater productivity on the job. Beyond her degrees, she has extensive training in mediation and negotiation from the Pepperdine University School of Law (California), the CDR Institute for Dispute Resolution (California), University of Toronto and University of Windsor. She is certified as an Organization and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSCC) and also has training as a leadership coach, including certification to administer the LCP (Leadership Circle Profile) and LCS (Leadership Cultural Survey)—some of the most comprehensive leadership assessment systems available today. Jennifer studied with world-renowned research professor, author and speaker, Brené Brown. Jennifer’s unique approach to this work, with a combined understanding of law, psychology and systems theory, yields transformational results in even the most challenging, high-conflict cases.


This online learning Method is intended to guide and assist members of management as they address and resolve workplace harassment complaints. While the information contained herein and referred to in this program provides guidelines and procedures to address employee complaints, it does not constitute legal advice nor is it intended to be a complete and comprehensive review of the law as it pertains to harassment. Moreover, Jen Agency does not accept any responsibility for errors of content or exclusion. Anyone who relies upon the information or procedures contained herein takes full responsibility for any and all legal consequences which may arise from the implementation of the said information and procedures. You are always encouraged to seek the advice of legal counsel.

We are committed to safety in the workplace and within our communities so each member can flourish. 

A portion of every program sold will be donated to a Canadian charity.